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The following photos were provided by Sue Hartga who grew up in Santon Downham. The photos are of various Forestry Commission 'dos' in the village hall (and other places) from 1952. Her dad Cyril worked for the forestry and retired in 1983 and can be seen receiving his long service certificate in one of them. Her mum and dad - Cyril and Evelyn Knights feature in several of the photos.

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Cresote Plant

work under way there in the 1960s

Cresote Plant in operation

Another view of the cresote plant in operation


\"England\'s forests have a new look\": attached to the back of the (thinning) photograph was a report written the same year about the Forestry Commission\'s work at the time.


Stocktaking in the stores


Thinning in Theford Forest, in about 1949 , Thinnings from the forests were dragged out into the fire-roads to be trimmed before being taken to the depot for cutting into pit-props.

View from the Train

View of Santon Downham creosote plant from the train

View of the Depot

A general view of Brandon depot from the top of a mobile crane

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