Old Views around Santon Downham

Old (and New) Views around Santon Downham

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1950's Shop







View of the shop in the 1950's. Little has changed except it's no longer a Post Office and the telephone box is long gone.

Ariel View

An old ariel view of the village. Note the through road by the houses which is now a dead end and the now demolished old village hall/club.

Downham Hall

Believed to be the image of a Postcard offered for sale on Ebay. This image showed up on a Brandon forum with an entry about Downham Hall.

Garden Cottage

Garden Cottage where Mr and Mrs Leech lived. (Photo provided by their great granddaughter Jo Greenwood)

Golden Wedding

Col & Mrs Mackenzie on their Golden Wedding in 1915

Railway Gate House

Labled as Gateman Bungalow which presumably refered to the man/woman who used to open the Level Crossing gates.

St Mary's






South side of St Mary's in the 1950s

The Avenue (now)
The Avenue (then)
The Church






This like many photographs in those days was a postcard and named as Downham Church. 

This confirms an earlier photograph that the Tower was covered in ivy.  However, this photograph shows what looks like a notice board situated on the right of the door and a pathway probably running the length of the church.  Could the main entrance have been the door shown?

Photograph is courtesy of Ron Marsh 

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