Flying Sheep

Just across the river (in Norfolk) we have a small flock of Jacobs sheep.

They are nicknamed "The Flying Sheep" as they are meant to be moved from place to place to help keep the undergrowth down. The area they are in is meant to be representative of "The Brecks".

Each year we await with interest the arrival of the 1st of the lambs indicating that spring has really sprung and that winter is over.

This year (2010) we have only 10 sheep.

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# 3 Friendly

Very friendly. Looked up and smiled when we arrived

# 4 Hasty

(May be one of the Spots). Came running towards us when she thought we might have some food.

# 5 Scruff

Bit of a bad hair day.

#1 Lambo

Lambo the Ram. (I wanted to call him Rambo, but we assume he\'s responsible for all the lambs, hence Lambo)

#2 Shaunetta

The usual Jacob\'s have been joined by what appears to be a Suffolk sheep. Helen King decided to name her Shaunetta as she looks a lot like Shaun the Sheep.

Update 27th Feb. Shaunette has left the flock having had two lambs last week.

#6 Spots1

Difficult to tell spots 1 & 2 apart. Spots 1 has the black \"sideburns\".

#7 Spots 2
All 9 this year (2010)

Button is very tiny at the moment


Button may be tiny but he\'s still very lively

Button and Chip

Chip and Button


Chips or Chocolate Chips to give him/her their full name


Chocolate had three lambs - Drops,Chip and Button.

Chocolate and Lambs

Close up of Chocolate, Drops, Chip and Button


March 14th. Only 4 sheep left and the Ram, but we have two lambs in the flock now.


Lily was very curious and really liked posing for the camera.


What a cutie


Smudge has also been named Ruby (hope he/she doesn\'t mind)


Spotify one of the young Lamb\'s in 2009

Spotify (Again)
Spring is on it\'s way (maybe)

Snowdrops trying hard.

Twin Lambs (1)

Greedy boy lamb.

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