The people who work in Santon Downham

Staff based in Santon Downham carry out a multitude of roles - some of the men and women work as recreation or conservation rangers, others deal with forest mangement, harvesting, marketing, administration, provision of roads or as mechanical engineers looking after the harvesters and vehicles. There are also staff at offices in North Norfolk, Sandlings, Lavenham and in the east end of London. In all, the region employs about 95staff - 90 based in the village - though contractors add to the numbers working in the forest.


Most of the harvesting and extraction is carried out directly by Forest Enterprise staff, delivering it to the roadside for haulage contractors to take away. In some areas, the fungal infection Heterobasidion annosum means that stumps need to be dug up to prevent the spread of infection which would create a rot within growing timber. "Our own men and women are involved in the removal of the stumps and the cultivation of the ground and the preparation for the new young trees," explains Mr Lyon.