Brandon Safer Neighbourhood Team
Following a recent Public Tasking Meeting, Brandon Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) has set new policing priorities for the area.  These are:

1. To focus on issues in Brandon Industrial Estate and to develop Industrial Watch (Covering postcode areas IP27 OND, IP27 OPB, IP27 ONZ, IP27 ONY, IP27 OPA, IP27 OPD and IP27 OHW).

2. To focus on the area of Emerging Communities - reducing homeless related issues within Brandon IP27 0AQ.

3. To tackle speeding in Brandon, focussing on speeding vehicles using London Road (IP27 - 0LZ, 0HY, 0LP, 0LX, 0EW, 0AG, 0EL, 0LR 0HS, 0HY), Thetford Road (IP27 0BS, 0BZ, 0ED, 0DB, 0DF) and Green Road in Brandon.

Members of the SNT welcome all to attend their regular public meetings to give views on local crime and policing. The meetings allow local people to raise their concerns and help in setting priorities.

The next Public Tasking Meeting will be held on Wednesday 10th March at 10am at Brandon Town Council Offices, Market Hill, Brandon.

Details of all other engagement events can be found at