Brandon Literary Society
About the Group

The Brandon Literary Society is a group for anyone in Brandon or the surrounding areas who is interested in literature or books, and would like to attend any of our events.

Our aim is to make events of literary interest available for the enjoyment of all interested people. Anyone is welcome, all that is needed is an interest in Literature.

Brandon Literary Society offers a regular opportunity for people with an interest in literature to attend classes, hear occasional speakers on a variety of literary topics, and to participate in friendly informal discussions and groups. 

We have an experienced professional Further Education Lecturer on our team who runs the majority of our taught courses. These courses are relaxed and run for enjoyment, and open to anyone who would like to attend - there is no coursework or exam and our groups are really relaxed, friendly and enjoyable.


When there is enough interest we also arrange visits to other events or places of interest from time to time. For example we are currently planning a trip to the cinema to see The Lovely Bones, as the novel is featured on our ‘Book to Film’ course later in the year.

We endeavor to always keep the cost of our events reasonable (and sometimes even free!) to ensure we are accessible to anyone wishing to attend. As our members usually make friends with each other we also share and swap books and DVDs which keeps the cost down.

If anyone has any specific areas of interest the they should feel free to drop us line and let us know so we can work toward targeting peoples interests. Courses to date have included areas such as The Nineteenth Century, The Twentieth Century, The Romantics, and Women’s Writing. Our courses are usually ten weeks long. The class we are currently running is called ‘Reading the Gothic’ and our next advertised class is called ‘Book to Film’.

More Info/Contact

We have recently opened a web forum which our members will hopefully be joining.

The site contains further information and is a good way for people to get a feel for the group, ask any questions, make suggestions, sign up for our mailing list and find out what’s on. There will also be threads to discuss books etc. The web address is and anyone is welcome to join.

Should anyone wish to get in touch without going to the new forum they should call Louisa Summer on 01842-811714 or drop us a line at