Making History

Radio 4 broadcast a programme on the 20th of October 2009 in their series Making History which featured a section on the Sand Flood:-

Does a brick on a church at Santon Downham near Thetford in Norfolk mark the spot sand reached during a 'sand flood' in the seventeenth century?

This is what has been intriguing Dr Steve Godby at Nottingham Trent University and Dr Mark Bateman at the University of Sheffield who have been examining this event to find out what happened and why.

Talking to Making History's Richard Daniel, they explained that the 'flood' happened in the middle of the little ice age, a time we associate more with the deep cold that froze the Thames.

However, this was also a dry time and combined with the practice of rabbit 'warrening' the light soils of the Brecklands became increasingly unstable and liable to what today is known locally as a 'Fen blow'

Radio 4 Making History

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