Santon Downham News goes colour
Santon Downham News goes colour

The January 2011 edition of Santon Downham News has now been published and is in colour:-

When Derek Toomer enquired (in his own inimitable way) if I knew how a village newsletter might be most economically produced, I had a feeling he had already decided that “Reflex” was the answer! Such a subtle approach was hard to resist, except for the very real problem that our presses are big and more suited to large quantities of colourful brochures,magazines and books. The only viable solution was to print Santon Downham News on a single colour laser machine until such time as a move to colour could be considered.

In October 2010 we took delivery of an amazing digital press and, after installation, we proceeded to produce posters for the Village Hall New Year’s Eve Celebration.

If everything has gone to plan, then this is the first version of Santon Downham News to be printed in colour. Reflex prints this Newsletter free of charge and I am confident that Derek and Sylvia will continue to create an impressive publication that the village can beproud of and enjoy reading.

John Parrington, Reflex Litho Ltd

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