Broadband Not-Spot scheme launched
Broadband Not-Spot scheme launched

In Santon Downham we have quite fast broadband (for a rural area) with speeds typically of 5/6Mbps.

The Brandon Exchange is being evaluated  under the government's program to extend the reach of "superfast" broadband. Unfortunately the government is only commiting funding to ensure speeds od 2Mbps (which we already have).

Santon Downham is currently within the Suffolk Better Broadband intervention programme and subject to our minimum commitment of 2Mbps by 2015.  We actively seeking additional funding to introduce fibre deployment into our plans for this area as soon as possible as we look to push our 90% fibre coverage target higher.

The Independent Networks Co-operative Association has launched a registration scheme for people who want to access better broadband but can't get it.

Announced on e BBC Radio 4 You and Yours programme, the scheme encourages individuals, businesses and communities register their notspot information at

The UK average speed is meant to be ~ 14Mbps. Superfast broadband is classed as above 30Mbps.

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