Bogus Traders Suffolk
Bogus Traders Suffolk

Police are advising residents to be alert after information from Norfolk Trading Standards about leaflet drops offering valuations of gold and jewellery in village locations throughout Suffolk.

Norfolk Trading Standards believe the company behind the leaflet may be bogus and residents are urged to exercise caution when considering getting valuations of any items.

Please check that the address and contact details provided relate to a registered company and not just to a leaflet distribution centre. If you have items which you want to have valued please contact reputable local or national businesses and aim to get several opinions before committing to any transaction.

Suffolk Trusted Trader Scheme is a directory of service providers created by Suffolk County Council in conjunction with local businesses. The overall aim of the scheme is to enable consumers to make informed decisions about the selection of a provider based on direct customer feedback. This feedback is obtained through a survey system operated by Referenceline Ltd. and made available online to all local and national consumers.

For more information on the scheme visit the website:Trusted Trader Scheme

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