ALDI Parking
ALDI Parking

If you've been in ALDI (Brandon) recently you'll have seen the signs that show the parking has changed and is now run buy someone called Parking Eye.

It's a very clever system using ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) which uses a camera to read your car number plate on they way in and again on the way out. No human intervention and an automatic demand for money in the post if you stay too long.

Quite a row is developing (See BFP) regarding this.

If you're like us you probably used to park in the Aldi car park, nip to the Post Office,bank and charity shop and then stock up on a few things you'd run out of from Aldi (Aldi last so your frozen stuff doesn't defrost). On some occasions you'd also visit the bottle bank.

If you take the wording of the signage literally than all you're now allowed to do is actually shop "In Aldi". Nipping out to the bank or just going to the bottle bank is no more - you can only park if you're physically in Aldi.

According to the BFP it's not yet in full operation and they are changing the signs to refect the fact that it is meant to be a shoppers car park and that you can use it for 2 hours. In the meantime be careful.

 ALDI parking regulations

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